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TOB3 Data rescue service by CLIMATEC, Inc.


For your valuable and only one data, we are pleased to help getting alive data from your TOB3(CF card) file. It is our volunteer service now.
TOB3 file is CSI(Campbell scientific Inc. CR1000,CR3000,CR5000 CF card original raw data file format)
2011/7/31 CLIMATEC, Inc. support dev.

How to contact and send data file.

First of all Please try by using repair option on LoggerNet Cardconvert program for getting aliving data.
1) Contact us before you send file. Inform us about your situation.
a) Your name, company name and occupation
b) Observation term or days
c) Importance of data
d) CF card maker name, type and format type
2) Prepare your raw data file( original files on CF card )
3) Compress raw data file to zip type compressed file.
4) Send your data file by file transfer service etc.
Don’t attach the data file on e-mail, because we can accept only <10Mbye file
5) We will try to get alive data from your TOB3(Campbell CF card data).
6) If we succeeded, we will send back alive data.

Condition of data rescue service.

We don’t guarantee to get alive data but try to get.
We accept one file for one client.
We don’t copy or open your data to other persons.
We can make web site about how to rescue data from TOB3 file, using a very small part of your data (hide full record and descriptions).

How to use RDtob is here.